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Sightseeing Places in Delhi

This is the city of different worlds. Old delhi, all fabulous frenzy and crumbling splendor was once the capital of Islamic india.the british built spacious ,gracious New Delhi as their imperial capital. and even newer Delhi endlessly throws up shops,offices ,hotels and apartment blocks,chuncks of could be anywhere modernity.

last years have been seen impressive developments in preparation for the common wealth games.epic new infrastructure includes a 160 acre games village and the gleaming new metro.
But look past delhi ‘s less loveable elements, and you will find it littered with glittering jewels. Like a subcontinental  Rome, india’s capital is punctuated by ruins and monuments, vestiges of lost empires. There are magnificent museums, temples and mosques, and a cultural life to satisfy the hungriest vulture. Plus,shopaholics- you are home : all the riches of india twinkle in delhi’s emporium ,from exquisite shawls to jootis from jaipur.
That’s by no means the end of delhi’s sensory extravaganza. Prepare yourself to someone of the subcontinent’s finest food, from piled high pizzas to sublime south Indian dosas (savoury crepes).and the famous dilli –ka-chaat ( Delhi street food) which’rather like the city itself jumbles up every flavor in one bite.

New Delhi and Around
RAJPATH ( Kingsway) is the imposing approach to new delhi.it hosts the huge republic day parade every 26 jan and the beating of the retreat on 29 january.
Raj appointed English architect Edwin lutyens constructed new delhi between 1914 and 1931,when the british moved their capital here from Calcutta.his designs were intended to spell out in stone the might of the British empire.
Humaayun’s Tomb.dont miss this,delhi’s most sublime sight. A beautiful example of of early mughal architecture , this tomb was build in the middle of 16th century by haji begum,the Persian born senior wife of the second mughal emperor humayun . The tomd Persian style to delhi but the two tone combination of red stone and white marble is entirely local, showing the complementary merging the cultures.
Puarana qila
With the massive walls and impressive gate ways,purana qilla was built by afghan ruler sher shah during his reign ( 1538-45) before the emperor humayun regained control of india.
Entering from the south gate you will see the grace ful octagonal,red sanstone  tower,the sher mandal,later used by humayun as a library.

Gandhi Smriti
This poignant memorial is where mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by hindu zealot on 30 january 1948. Concrete footsteps represent gandhi’s final steps and lead to the spot where he died,which is marked by small pavilion known as martyr’s column. The impressive indoor museum has photographs,paintings,and dioramas depicting scenes from gandhi’s life.

Crafts Museum
Opposite purana qilalies this tree shaded treasure trove of museum.the galleries contain more than 20,000 exhibits from around india,including metalware,woodwork,old silver jewellery,tribal masks,paintings,terracotta figurines,and rich coloured textiles.

National Zoological Garden
Popular with families and courting couples, this is india’s biggest zoo. It’s a bit forlorn in the way of zoos, but there are white Bengal tigers,Himalayan black bears,rhinos,hippos,wolves,elephants,giraffes and some spectacular birds.
Lotus temple
This extraordinary temple is shaped like the sacred lotus flower .designed by Iranian-canadian architect fariburz sahba in 1986,it has 27 immaculate white marble petals,the bahai philoshphy revolves around universal peace and elimination of prejudice and adherents of all faiths are welcome to pray or meditate silently according to their own religion .

Akhshardham Temple:
Do not  miss the Hindu swaminarayan group’s lavish Akshardham Temple on Delhi’s outskirts.is made of salmons coloured sandstone and white marble.contain around 20,000 carved deities,and reflects traditional orissan,gujrati,mughal and rajasthani architectural elements.
Allow at least half a day to do it justice as there’s lots to see, including a boat ride through Indian history and a musical fountain.

Hotels in Delhi
It’s a wise to book in advance,as delhi’s most salubrious places can fill up in a flash,leaving new arrivals easy prey for commission sharks.Most Hotel offer pick-up from the Hotel with advance notice.be warned that street din can be diabolical request a quiet room and keep ear plugs handy.also room quality within budget hotels in delhi,mid range hotels can radically vary so try to inspect few rooms.
Our Recommendation for the Hotel Godwin deluxe in Delhi, Hotel Has free Pickup Facilities from the New Delhi Airport or railway station.it is a budget deluxe hotel and offer deluxe class rooms with inclusion of Breakfast in the morning.Hotel highly recommended by Lonely planet and Trip advisor. you can check reviews from the foreigners on youtube and in our testimonials.
So do not worry now your Airport transfer,Rooms and breakfast will be arranged by hotel Godwin deluxe.
It’s a good idea to call or email ahead to confirm your booking 24 hours before you arrive.

Bars and Nightclubs
Most Delhi up as both restaurants and nightclubs. the scene might not be huge , but its happening  and as the sun goes down the party starts, particularly from Wednesday to Saturday night. be warned that most wars seriously pump up the music anytime after 8 PM. A smart Casual dress code applies at most places.
The fancier bars are overflowing with domestic and foreign booze,but the taxes can pack a nasty punch.many bars particularly around cannaught place, approximately many  close to Paharganj have two for one happy hours from around noon till 8 PM.

From bamboozling bazaars to bijiou boutiques,delhi is a fantastic place to shop.there is an outstanding array of wonderful stuff.handicrafts,textiles,clothing,carpets,jewellery, and a kaleiodocope of saris.away from the emporium and other fixed price shops,put on your haggle hat.many taxi and autorickshaw drivers earn commissions and may not take  you the most reputable stores either making it best to decline their shopping suggestions.

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