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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Delhi

Cheap hotels in Delhi are found in plenty. Delhi being the national capital of India is one of the busiest cities. All kinds of people go over to this city and make it a melting pot of different cultures and genres. Some people prefer to call this city cosmopolitan because of its cultural diversity.

If you are thinking about the cheap hotels in Delhi are about being getting a shabby stay and without any proper facility, then you are very wrong. In fact it is a wrong notion to associate worst quality of services with the word cheap. It is not all like that and most of these hotels have all the modern facilities that you may look for while staying in a hotel.

In continuation you also get WiFi, good customer service, satisfying room service, ambient atmosphere, car park, furnished rooms and tour guides as well. These are called low budget or cheap hotels as the tariffs are low. The tariffs can range from anything between 2000 INR to 3000 INR which converts roughly into 27 USD to 64 USD. Otherwise there are no compromises that you can think of.

cheap hotel in paharganj delhi near to new delhi railway station

When you are a tourist you may have a stringent budget to manage. So it is quite obvious that you may cut down on the expenses a little. Hence the need arises to get a low budget accommodation. Plus you get a homely feeling in these hotels of New Delhi as they are small and compact. But that does not mean that they are cramped and you will have to compromise space for money. These hotels have close knit work culture and that makes your experience unique.

In other words it can be said that these cheap hotel in Delhi treat their customers in a traditional way. They try to give their boarders the best stay possible in an authentic way. Most of these hotels charge a legitimate amount of money from their customers in lieu of cordial services.

To get a booking in one of these cheap hotels you can walk into the office of a travel agent. But you need to be careful about the fact that they are profit oriented. So they will sell you something that benefits the most other than taking care of your requirements. So you should be also cross check once all by yourself.
Alternatively you can surf the internet and get a list of hotel in Delhi. This way you can research on your own and book a hotel according to your choice in Delhi. You can shop around in your own way. You may end up in getting a discount and get a good place to stay as well.

Well you can find a string of cheap hotels in Delhi. You can go to places like Vasant Vihar, Mahipalpur, Vasant Kunj and Muneerka to get low budget accommodations.

Even Paharganj is a good place to find cheap and luxurious lodging both. Low or high budget Delhi has all kinds of places on offer.

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